Top 10 DotA Players in St. Paul (so far)

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Top 10 DotA Players in St. Paul (so far)

Post  db_noobz on Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:12 am

As of the playstyles I've seen in their games these are the Top 10 Dota Players in St. Paul:

1.Lorenzo of DotA Boyz
His ability to use heroes like Nevermore,PotM,Tinker and many more is just great. He can dominate the whole game in just minutes, and let's not forget his mindgames known as crossover moves. His ability to farm quickly and to kill everyone he sees is just amazing. Using that ability in every game, makes him the best DotA player in St. Paul.

2.Jonas(Me) of DotA Boyz
I am the strategist of the DotA Boyz. I am good at any hero whether if I will be a tanker,support or hero killer type.My best hero, well I use a lot so I have none. I just use them for fun.I base my strategies in the strategy of Virtus.Pro in tournaments like MyM, Asus Summer, Team Arenas and other competitions.But for now, I am mastering Jakiro.

3.Jasper of DotA Boyz
I suppose that Makie is the third because of his playstyle. In every game, his different builds in heroes, his great mindgames and his calmness. Whoever his oppoent, he always stays clam. In every game, I always see him carrying vanguard in his heroes(but not all the time). His best performances can be seen in every hero he uses, as if he uses every hero perfectly.

4.Kelvin of DotA Boyz
Kelvin is the final member of DotA Boyz(last to join). He's now training to become the best and mastering QoP,Puck,Witch Doctor and Potm. As you can see, the heroes he's mastering are all Vigoss'9the best DotA player in the world) perfected heroes. The thing that amazes me is when he's using QoP he can kill as many as he wants as soon as he has the Sonic Wave and Dagon.

5.Israel/Tabuzo of DotA Boyz
Tabuzo can be recognized by his "trash talk" in every game. His loud trash talks annoys enemies which sometimes bring them to their defeat. As far as I know, his best heroes is Treant and Enigma. He often uses this heroes in 3v3-5v5 matches.He is also a pioneer of Refresher Orb in full support heroes like Treant and Enigma.

6.Jacob of DotA Boyz
Usually the support type in every game. He can be seen using Int type heroes in every game. I always tell him that only be a support type not a kill type, but he can also be a tanker type that can support the whole team. He can be seen using int heroes like Warlock, Chen and many more. An always having Meka, Arcane, Shiva and Refresher.

7.Marco of FPOD
In my matches with him, I always see him using Critical type heroes like Mortred,Broodmother and Leoric. I can't say much about him but I can only say this, he is the best player of FPOD and who knows, maybe someday he can join the DotA Boyz.

8.Christian of FPOD
Well I can't say more about him. One thing is for sure, he is the joker in every game, he always gives the game a good laugh. 2 years ago, I always see him using Void, Sk, and Veno. For now, he is a member of the FPOD.

In my last game with him, he always uses Broodmother. I can say that he onl masters hero seldom. One time I saw him SK but he's not so good at it so I had to teach him the items.But I can say that he's good when playing Broodmother, always going for buriz first but I suggest tha tgo for Vladimirs.Well, different people goes with different build.

Like Christian, he is a user of Void, Veno, Doom and Sk and let's not forget Razor.But today I play less games with him so I have less info on his playstyle.

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